• someguy3@lemmy.world
    1 month ago

    I got my comments mixed up.

    Fucking lol dude. That you admit it in one thread, but then try to beat around the bush and deny your deep seated hatred in another doesn’t help you. People can see through it and call you out. That you only admit it in a different chain doesn’t matter. You’re playing games, shouting it in one chain and then denying it another. This doesn’t help you at all.

    Have to point out your projection of “rage”. You are raging, so you project it.

    And then you play the game, after I listed off all the good things he did, of asking me what he should do differently to change? Do you mean chance? Whatever, all you’re doing it playing games. Any answer will be met with mental blackflips for whatever game. Ok I said it before, ciao