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  • AAF is getting to work on a new mission: “Project Sovereignty 2025”.

    Backed with a $100,000 grant from the Heritage Foundation, an influential rightwing thinktank, AAF will compile information, including social media posts, about civil servants they suspect will “obstruct and sabotage a future conservative president”. They plan to publish dossiers on those non-public facing individuals, starting with the Department of Homeland Security, and expose them to scrutiny.

    This is the start of fascism. It leads into Project 2025.

  • The question anyone suggesting replacing Biden needs to answer is: Who?

    Pretty much the entire electorate needs to know who the person is. They need to be somewhat popular. They need no real scandals.

    That’s just the bare minimum to complete with Biden. Then you have to answer: can they be popular enough, or overcome Biden’s weaknesses enough to overcome incumbency bias?

    That’s not easy to answer but if the answer isn’t a resounding Yes, then replacing him is a mistake.

    And the candidate has to be popular enough that Biden is willing to stand down and support them. Because he has pledged delegates and several primaries already.

    Overall I think this would be a mistake. There just aren’t any good alternatives. And one bad debate isn’t a scandal. This is letting the Fox News machine dictate how we think about Biden. Which is always a mistake.