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  • Parliamentary systems.

    So then I don’t get a choice as to who becomes the executive at all. Wonderful.

    Ranked choice or approval voting.

    Ranked choice still results in one of two candidates if those two candidates have near-majority support. They simply allow voters to pick one of those two candidates whilst expressing support for less-popular candidates. It creates MORE scenarios in which there are more than two candidates with a chance to win, but it neither eliminates the existing problem nor prevents it in all cases.

    Ranked choice is better than FPTP. But it’s not a silver bullet to the issue being discussed.

  • Given that the overarching question here is “is biden really the best candidate?”,

    Yes, he is the best candidate currently running.

    and that ranked choice voting would immediately fix that issue

    No, ranked choice would give us an option to express a stronger preference for other candidates. It would not fix the fact that Biden and Trump hold near-majority support in this election cycle and one of them will be the winner of the election, making every voter with any sense pick one of them to support over the other.

    while retaining democracy, yes i feel fairly confident that the current situation is one brought on by an imperfect implementation of democracy.

    Okay, cool, if ranked choice voting was implemented, who would have the support of the electorate who isn’t Biden or Trump?

  • If you ignore the fact that trump wouldn’t be running if he hadn’t lost the popular vote in 2016 and still won, sure.

    How is that relevant to my choices being narrowed down to Trump and Biden by the opinions of the electorate?

    This started as you deriding the US’s system as an oligarchy, but now when pressed it’s your ideal democracy? What are you doing, friend? Are you okay?

    Sorry that the idea that the candidates with near-majority support being the only choices is a symptom of democracy is so foreign to you, and the idea that an ultrawealthy megadonor attempting to change one of the candidates without democratic support being a symptom of oligarchy is, likewise, apparently incomprehensible to your worldview.

  • Or in other words, the system you’re in is flawed but you’re working within the constraints of those flaws to get the best outcome you can find.

    Making the best of a bad system

    Except that the issue you’re discussing, the choice being narrowed between Biden and Trump in this election, is not related to the anti-democratic flaws of that system.

    However it’s clear from your repeated and deliberate attempts to reframe criticism of that system as an attack on the very concept of democracy itself that you aren’t arguing in good faith here.

    Sorry that you find democracy such an offensive concept.

  • You think the US’s implementation of democracy that forces you to pick the least bad between two candidates you don’t like is

    Democracy, yes. It will always be the ‘least bad’ choice in a democracy, unless you have some miracle roll of the dice where a candidate 100% agrees with you, or a cultlike devotion to them.

    A good system

    What parts of the system that make it bad are anti-democratic elements - which are not particularly relevant in whether my choice should be Biden or Trump.

    The only implementation of a democracy

    This may come as a shock, but if the majority of people in any democratic system prefer candidates that I think are shit, those are what my effective choices are going to be narrowed down to. That’s kind of the point of a democracy.

  • I’d prefer him to stay in if, realistically speaking, he is capable of doing so.

    However, I also recognize that, even if he IS capable of doing so, he has not inspired confidence in the electorate in being capable of doing so. That alone may mandate his replacement even if all it was was a bad night.

    I don’t think he’s in rapid decline - but if he is, or if he isn’t but feels he cannot convincingly portray himself as well going forward, stepping down might be the right choice.